Top 10 best urban ebikes of 2023

In 2023, bicycle manufacturers have set out to surprise the public. On this occasion, they have set themselves the challenge of combining power, autonomy and lightness. Do you think they have succeeded? We have made an analysis of the sector to show you the urban ebikes that are currently standing out the most.

Top 10 urban ebikes at a glance

Making a selection has been difficult, but we have succeeded. We can tell you that there are all kinds of proposals, including some very groundbreaking ones. As you can see, a fusion of classic lines with more contemporary and dynamic ones. Whatever your taste, you’ll have a great model this year.

1. Capri Azur Stinger.

2. Capri Metz Stinger.

3. Capri Lyon 7 V.

4. Capri Berlín 7 V.

5. Littium Ibiza Dogma.

6. Spinta Viale 2.0.

7. Fischer ECU 1401.

8. Atala E-Moticon.

9. Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ.

10. GT Power Performer.

The best urban e-bikes of 2023, in our opinion

Do you know which are the best urban e-bikes? After a complex analysis, we have identified them. Beyond their price or power, we will try to highlight what characterises each of them. Do you remember the challenge they had set for this year? You may be surprised to know that there are some that have made it, especially the first ones on this list.

e-bike capri stinger orange

1. Capri Azur Stinger

We wanted to open this selection with the best bet of the year, the Capri Azur Stinger. A timeless design, combined with versatile and lightweight master lines, make it an ideal bike. It features a high-quality Sunrace R80-type eight-speed gearbox and state-of-the-art engine control. It has an IP6 battery and a Bafang motor with almost zero failure rate.

electric bike capri metz stinger orange

2. Capri Metz Stinger

The Metz Stinger Capri’s Bafang engine has excellent performance and is the lightest in its class. What we rated most highly, in this case, are its Continental Contact Urban tyres. With the Safety-Pro puncture protection system, it is complemented by friction gears. Its Bafang display ensures a fascinating and modern driving experience.

electric bike capri lyon green english 7v

3. Capri Lyon 7 V

A perfect fusion of lightness and strength is what the Capri Lyon 7 V offers. It features a surprisingly small and unobtrusive battery thanks to its hidden cable insertion. You know what the best part is? Its Bafang 250 W and 36 volt motor gives you 40 km of autonomy. Otherwise, we highlight its design, which is minimalist and intuitive.

electric bike capri berlin black 7v

4. Capri Berlín 7 V

When you see this bike for the first time, you will be surprised by its simple and powerful concept. It has one of the most durable and reliable engines on the market. Similarly, its improved friction shifting system means it adapts more precisely to your driving style. The Capri Berlin 7 V, as you can see, has reinvented cycling.

Littium Ibiza dogma 2019 blanco ok

5. Littium Ibiza Dogma

This folding electric bike has an enviable 250 W power rating and a top speed of 25 km/h. Thanks to its 14 Ah battery, it can provide a range of up to 100 kilometres. However, it has fewer gears (seven), but its Zoom braking system is acceptable. Therefore, it can gain a lot in stability when the ride is not leisurely.


6. Spinta Viale 2.0

We have included the Spinta Viale 2.0 because of its special lightness, achieved thanks to its aluminium fork. It is powered by a Shengyi DGW07A 250 W 26 V brushless motor. Its range is somewhat reduced, with a maximum range of 50 kilometres. However, its seven-speed gears ensure a better match to your style, but with less precision at higher speeds.

71cuqVg1V9L. AC SL1500

7. Fischer ECU 1401

What we value most in this case is its hub gearing, which provides seven speeds. Its Fischer 25 Nm motor is incredibly quiet, which compensates for its discreet power. To make it more manoeuvrable, the developers have included the battery in the luggage rack. It does not, however, have fast charging capabilities.

img 0158 atala e moticon 1

8. Atala E-Moticon

This is one of the lightest folding city bikes, which is possible due to its smaller size. It has a 250 W motor and a 460 Wh battery integrated into the frame. Its monoshock ensures greater stability in continuous use, making it easier to get around town. The range, depending on the chosen mode, can be 35 or 100 km.

C21 C66101U Tesoro Neo SL EQ BPL PD

9. Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ

According to its makers, efficiency is the value they have sought to enhance with the Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ. It features a SmartForm C2 aluminium frame which, thanks to its carbon fibre fork, is lighter. With regard to its lighting, it incorporates Herrmans spotlights and 360º reflectors. It is acceptable for walks on urban routes.


10. GT Power Performer

When you see it for the first time, you’ll be most struck by its 29″ wheels. It is a wheelie-type electric bicycle that, although it is not a BMX, incorporates visual elements that make us identify it as such. It has a 250 W Bafang engine, a successful concept that both GT and Capri managed to take to another level.

As you can see, these are the best urban e-bikes of 2023. This year has been a turning point for lovers of electric bicycles. Undoubtedly, a new impetus for a sector that was already gaining momentum in recent months. Choose one that’s light and of excellent quality and get on your bike to ride around the city.

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